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More than 52% of the Indian population is involved in Agriculture yet more than half of India’s population contributes to only 13.7% of the country’s GDP. Why the people working in agriculture still have such a small contribution? How can this current situation be changed for better?

The farmer not only faces problems in reaching out the market but also faces problems managing the farm. Understanding and using the right equipment, the right technique and the modern system is difficult for a farmer. Hence, the productivity of the farm is less than its actual potential. What they require is an end to end support- right from providing easy credit to providing quality input choices to connecting them with the market directly.

How would the life of a farmer look like when they are part of a sustainable ecosystem? Question arises, how can we solve this problem? Can we take the technology such as data analytics and AI to the farmer and bring the trust and the predictability in the system? The adoption of smartphones and Internet has made it possible to connect the technology with the farmer, the situation can never be as ripe as it is today for the adoption of smart technologies in farming. We are at the cusp of a digital revolution, joining this vast landmass with wireless connectivity. It is high time we leverage the digital connectivity to help our farmers.

Making Smart-farming affordable and accessible to the farmer is the key. By optimizing the processes and the uses of resources, in addition to efficient use of existing arable land. Access to real time information about harvesting, planting and yields could also help the farmer predict the value of farms better and have unparalleled insight into the commodities market. Connecting the farmer with the market directly would empower the farmer with better prices for their hard earned crops.

To make agriculture more efficient, sustainable and of high quality we should look for re-interpretation of the farming practices through use of technologies such as AI and Data Analytics. And this re-interpretation should be placed also within a new vision of rural areas.

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