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India is a the largest country in the world for producing crops, grains and ‘farmers suicide’!

Yes, you heard it right. It must be of no shock, correct?

Every day there is a rain of stories, political agendas, sympathy but no real remedy.

It’s strange that people providing us food by working day in and out are sleeping hungry, dying starving and worse, committing suicides.

Belonging to a farmer’s family myself, my father took no pride in making me a farmer and same is the case with 157 million people working in this industry. After all, who would want to have such a life!

Going through the rough tough drought, I decided to give it back to my roots with proper education, engineering experience, and a bigger mission together.

With a vision to regulate India’s largest and the most unorganized sector, We started Smart Farms for the awareness and welfare of farmers and entire social disorder in the country.

Smart Farms holistically enhances the sector’s and country’s growth by planting the seeds of awareness by education, watering it with the right technology and caress for its rise!

We are creating an entire ecosystem to provide an end to end e-distribution and Logistics solution to this never-ending chaos as we believe “The Route To Growth Is Always Through The Roots”

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