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Naresh, 31, is a farmer who lives in the Pataudi district of Haryana owning an acre of land. On being asked, whether he was happy in life — he answered “My happiness depends on my crops as my family is completely dependent on me and agriculture is my only source of livelihood.”

Naresh prepares the land for sowing the seeds. He buys his seeds and takes the credit from Arthiya (the middlemen), and completes the sowing process by hiring a few laborers. Naresh doesn’t have money but these men have to be paid timely — the expense of which sometimes make him so vulnerable that he has to take more high interest loans, therefore- debt mounts. Time passes by, and it is almost the monsoon season. Rains must be near. Till now, he had been borrowing the water connection from a nearby wealthy farmer. Now, he patiently waits for the rains to come.

Unfortunately, the rains didn’t come this year. But, the debts continued. It is now the harvest season. Naresh doesn’t have enough money to buy a harvester machine. So, he again hires the manual laborers for the job. He sells his yield to the same Arthiya from whom he had taken the credit, and settles with a petty price for his crop.

Naresh considered himself lucky that the crops didn’t spoil this year. Last year was tough. The pests ate up almost half of his produce. And it didn’t rain too. It is a new day now. Naresh leaves his hut for the new crop season — thinking of getting the rains and good produce this year. That is all he can hope for. That is all he can pray for.

How can the farmer be happier?

There is an imperative need of an Agricultural Ecosystem that holistically solves the farmer’s problems.

Easy credit facilities Good quality and affordable inputs Real-time weather information Directly market linkage

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